This is a sampling of the services we can provide. If you have a need that is not listed, ask us! Space is not sufficient to list everything we can do.

•Data entry of transactions-sales, purchases, expenditures, receipts, bills, invoices, payments, etc.

•Reconciliation of all accounts to bank statement.

•Review monthly transactions for correctness and correct or reclassify any errors.

•Clean up old data, including journal entries to correct for tax return adjustments made by your accountant/tax preparer.

•Clean up the chart of accounts, item list, job list, customer and vendor lists, and categories.

•Set up new company files for a new business or to start over with a clean file.

•Convert and migrate company files when changing to new accounting software.

•Set up and customize job-cost reporting.

•Provide standard financial reports and any specialized or customized reports you need.

•Training in how to set up and use your chosen accounting software, whether it be QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks for Mac, AccountEdge, Xero, Sage, or Wave, etc.

•Provide better payroll services than you may be receiving now from one of the big companies, but at a much better value.

•Varied payroll options from full-service payroll to self-service with our expert and personal support and advice.

•Guaranteed-timely tax deposits and filings.

•No payroll hidden fees. All direct deposits, new-hire reporting, W-2s, and delivery are included in our flat rate.