About Us

Our company is a leading provider of bookkeeping, payroll, and QuickBooks, AccountEdge (MYOB), Xero, Wave, and other accounting software services. Our bookkeepers are members of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). We are Advanced Certified ProAdvisors for QuickBooks Pro and Premier, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. We are a Certified Advisor for Xero and an Elite Certified Consultant for AccountEdge. We are a member of the Wave Pro Network. We also support QuickBooks for Macintosh, for which Intuit does not offer a ProAdvisor certification.

We have been working on Windows and Macs since their beginnings. We won’t get into the fray about which is better, at least not here. We help companies choose the right systems for them and the software to put on them, and how to link them all together. We also figure it out when things go wrong or you need your computers to do something new for you. We are just geeks when it comes to computers. We also love iPhones and iPads and help folks integrate them into their businesses and get them set up right.

Based in Ogden, Utah, we assist businesses in all areas of the United States. We look forward to meeting you and helping you move your business forward.

About The Owner

Brent Blackburn, Founder and CEO, has been managing and doing the bookkeeping for small businesses for over 15 years. He started out as office manager and bookkeeper in several small retail and consulting companies before becoming general manager at a janitorial services company serving clients in Utah and California. There he did all the human resources, scheduling, payroll, and bookkeeping for a company with $5 million in annual revenue. During this time he also learned Spanish and became fluent. After four years, he moved to Old Brand Excavating as office manager of this excavating company with $3 million in annual revenue at its peak. There he also performed all human resource, payroll, and bookkeeping functions. He also implemented full job costing capabilities and reporting for the company. His skills with Davis-Bacon certified payroll reports also allowed the company to win and successfully complete several lucrative government contracts that required such reporting. When the great recession hit the company hard, it became necessary for them to downsize. Brent seized the opportunity and in 2011 formed Keeping Books & Computing Consulting LLC, with the purpose of serving small businesses of all kinds with their bookkeeping, payroll, and IT support needs. He obtained certifications in all the accounting programs he has used over the years, including all versions of QuickBooks, as well as AccountEdge and Xero. He is a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. Clients include retail stores and restaurants, consulting businesses, non-profit organizations, web companies, commercial farms, and construction contractors. Brent has shortened time to get paid, increased profits, and/or increased owners’ peace of mind for all of his clients.

In his free time he loves to spend time in the garden, camping in the great outdoors, and building and repairing computers. All of his free time is supervised by his dog, Jenny.