Are you looking for an upgrade of your current system or for a system for your new business that will meet your needs now and for years into the future? Are the terms the ads and sales people use like Greek to you? Are you wanting to add employees, but not sure of the best way to do that? Do you have or want Macintosh computers but are not sure they will work because all you get is “switch to Windows” attitude at every turn? We are here to help!

Windows or Mac? Laptop or desktop? How much speed and memory? What about storage choices? Can a tablet do all I need? How do I network my computers properly? What can I do to improve security? We will help you find the answers!

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Choosing your own computer and the computers that will be used by your company is a difficult and sometimes emotional decision (the PC-Mac wars have been going on for decades). Windows computers work great for companies, but studies verify they also require more technical support. Macs make great company computers as well, though in some areas your choice of software is more limited, and some programs just aren’t the same on the Mac (thanks, Microsoft and Intuit!). Fortunately, these days you can run Windows seamlessly alongside the Mac OS in case their is a need for software that only runs on Windows. Then there is the question of how powerful your computer needs to be and how to network them in order to run your company most efficiently and securely. We can help you assess your needs, help you understand the options and the jargon (unless you would rather leave the jargon to us). Then we can help you implement your choices.

What would you do to keep your business running if your key computer fails? What about fire or natural disaster that destroys all computers at your site? Have you wondered what you can do to implement a backup strategy? We can help you sleep better!

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How much would a week of downtime of your backbone computer in your company cost you? Just stop and think about it for a minute. What functions would shut down? What sales would be lost? How many customers would you lose? And that is just one computer. What if a natural disaster or fire destroyed your main office? This isn’t meant to scare you, but only to help you think of your backup strategy as another insurance policy that your business absolutely needs to have.

Any backup strategy should have at least a two-pronged approach (and three is better, but that is a more technical discussion we can save for later). First, you should have local backups, and these days hard drives are so cheap that simply adding storage and using set-it-and-forget-it software is generally the best solution. With local backups, in the case of a computer or hard drive failure, you can often be back up in a matter of minutes.

But you also need to have a system for backups of critical data that is stored somewhere off-site, preferrably a long distance away. This is necessary in case of a natural disaster, theft, or fire, etc. The farther away the backup is, the less likely it is to be destroyed by the same natural disaster. Fortunately this is much easier to achieve these days with cloud backups.

Do you know how to get these strategies implemented and how to check if your backups are actually doing what they say in order to protect you? If you don’t, you really need to find someone who does. We are waiting for your call!

Do you have questions about why your computer does what it does or how you can make it do what you want? Can’t find answers to how to solve a problem unique to your company? We can help you find a solution or show you the trips and tricks to make it work for you.

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Okay, we admit it. We are computer geeks! We love to work with computers, and to us, they just make sense, well, most of the time. And we love to figure out why someone else’s computer is not doing what he or she wants it to do.

When you have a problem with a computer that is running, but not behaving the way you want it to, then we can often connect to it remotely and take control of it (with your permission of course, hopefully your security settings and software prevent us and others from doing it without permission), and have it figured out and corrected in minutes. And you can watch us do it and talk to us on the phone or by video or audio chat the whole time. You learn something in the process and your problem is solved. Sometimes problems are better handled by the computer or software maker, but sometimes they are from a combination of factors that those folks can’t solve. Nine times out of ten, we can! And if your problem is something that needs hands-on attention, we will tell you so. If you aren’t local to us, we can certainly come to you for a price, but finding a local tech support company is likely a better option. We just want to help you, so if that is the case, we will tell you!

Do you need technical support and/or training on how to best use your computer, server, network, tablet, and the software? We are just the computer geeks for you! We don’t pretend to know everything, but we do know a LOT, and we know where to find what we don’t know.

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Like we said, we love working with computers. We also love showing others how to use them. Most people have the basics down, but we can even help with the basics if that is not the case. However, more often it is a matter of learning tricks and techniques to improve efficiency or to do something specific that your company needs that you can’t find a way to accomplish.

Tell us what you need or what you want to accomplish, and we will help you find the besto solution to get it done. We humbly submit that no one is better at figuring out or finding out how to accomplish a task more efficiently and to show you how. Give us a shout!