Wouldn’t it be great to have payroll exactly tailored to your needs, with personal expert support? Now you can get it, and at much more reasonable rates than the big payroll companies! Our payroll is backed up by one of the oldest electronic payroll companies. Access to your data is web-based and available from anywhere you have web access, including your smartphone, so submitting your payroll from the beach is now doable!. We also offer support for payroll packages offered by all the major accounting software companies (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero, AccountEdge, Sage).


Full service payroll is the set-it-and-forget-it option. Provide us the hours, and on payday all your employees are paid and all taxes are submitted. No fuss, and guaranteed to work with your accounting software.

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This is the most expensive option, but it is also the one that lets you focus on other things, like bringing in more money so that you can make payroll! All you have to do is get the hours to us, or put a mechanism in place so that we receive them directly from your time-keeping programs, etc. We enter all the employee data, report new hires to the state, enter all pay rates and types, do the deductions like health insurance, garnishments, and retirement plan contributions, and prepare the pay for your employees. We highly encourage all employees be paid by direct deposit because they get their money sooner (usually the early morning of payday) and there is never any problem with lost checks or needing to get to the bank to deposit their checks. That makes paydays much more productive for everyone. However, if necessary, we can also give you the paychecks in electronic form for you to print out on your own check stock. As a last resort, we can also send paychecks by mail or express overnight delivery, depending on how far ahead of payday we receive the information, or we can deliver them if your company is local to us.

We also make all tax deposits and payments for you on or before the date they are due, guaranteed, as long as the money is made available for them in your bank account. All required federal and state tax form reporting is also submitted when due, also guaranteed. And we also provide your employees their W2s. And everything is included in one low per-payroll rate for up to 25 employees, no extra charges or surprises.

Self-service payroll has never been so easy or affordable. We give you your own personalized web portal to enter all the payroll data. You can do as much or as little of the work yourself as you want, we will do the rest.

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Do you feel like you know enough about payroll to enter it all yourself, as long as you have an expert available and backing you up for any questions or problems? Then our self-service option is for you. You can choose to do as much of it yourself as you feel comfortable. At a minimum all who choose this option log onto the private portal we provide for your company and enter the hours for their employees. You can log on from anywhere with any device that has web browser access to the internet. If you choose to, you can also enter employee information, withholding and deduction information, and all pay rates and salaries. Once your payroll is ready, we can review it for you if you want, just as a fnal check. Then you can submit it and immediately print out the paychecks, no waiting. You can also handle all tax payments and tax form submissions if you choose to, with email reminders sent by us when they are due so you don’t forget.

You just choose which services you want to do yourself and which we will do, and then there is one low flat monthly fee for up to 25 employees, no additions and no surprises. The rate won’t change during the year, unless you choose to change the services. This is the flexible service to handle your own payroll with backup for the parts you don’t want to handle or can’t.

Are you a contractor and you are tearing your hair out over Davis-Bacon or certified payroll or not sure what it is or how to do it, but know you need it to do government-funded projects? Let us help!

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Many government-funded projects require Davis-Bacon or prevailing wages to be paid to all who work on the project site. The rules for doing so are complicated and often the wage structure makes no sense, but it still has to be followed. On top of that, complicated weekly reports are required on the wages paid for employees who worked on the project. This can be a paperwork nightmare, especially if you are not experienced with the rules and the process. Often contractors decide to pay everyone the highest wage of the classifications that apply to their specialty because they don’t have the means to figure it all out and do the paperwork. They end up paying out a lot more wages than they have to. Employees love it while the project is going on, but then they don’t want to work on other projects where they just get their normal wage.

We can solve the problem for you and in the process save you money and improve overall employee moral, even though in the end they get paid less than they would have. We know the rules and the reporting forms inside and out. We can help you figure out your wage classifications and how to track them, and then when we do your payroll we can make sure everyone gets paid exactly what they should and that reporting is submitted every week. No more headaches and you get to keep your hair.

Payroll for contractors can be very complicated. Do you have specialized needs like OCIP or multiple workers-compensation categories and don’t know how to do it? Or are you struggling to import or record the payroll one of the big companies is doing for you? We feel your pain and want to help!

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Payroll for construction contractors is a complicated beast! One trend is for all liability and workers compensation insurance to be provided by the project owner for all contractors and subcontractors who work on the project. This is called an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) and has paperwork requirements of its own, which are project specific. It can also save money on your company’s liability and workers compensation insurance, but only if you have a way to separate out the wages paid on OCIP projects.

The same goes for workers compensation classifications. Often there are lower-rated classifications in your policy that if you can document the hours employees work in those categories then you will save on the insurance premium. To do so, you have to track the hours worked by each employee in each classification.

Many insurance agents and payroll providers will just look at you with a blank stare if you ask them about this and ask for help implementing it for your company. Not us! We can help you tailor a method for obtaining and tracking this information that fits with the way you run your projects. And then we can set up the payroll so it tracks all this info and gives you reports that will break it all down for insurance reporting and annual audits. It is never easy, but we know how to make it as painless as possible.