There are many reasons a company or its bookkeeper or tax preparer/accountant may want to convert a set of accounting books from one accounting platform to another. One common request we receive is for converting from Xero to QuickBooks Online, but that is only because we wrote a requested blog article on the subject. We also convert in either direction between various accounting platforms including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro/Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, Xero, Wave, AccountEdge, and Sage.

Most of these conversions are complex. They involve first extracting the data from the old platform. Then the data must be edited, combined, reordered, or otherwise modified to put in a format that can be imported to the target accounting platform. Each conversion is unique because every accounting platform is different in what and how you export data out of it or import into it.

For specific information about converting from Xero to QuickBooks Online, you can read the blog article here on our website (Converting from Xero to QBO) or on the QBOChat website (QBOChat: Converting from Xero to QBO). That article shows the general framework for all conversions and also shows why they are complex, time-consuming, and sometimes costly.

We would be happy to speak with you briefly about any conversion you are considering. However, we are not able to give quotes on how much a conversion will cost without reviewing the the company accounting data in the source software. There is an important reason for this. We do personalized conversions that reproduce the same transactions of the same type, to the extent possible in the target software for the conversion. We do not simply create journal entries for everything. Rather we take the data as checks, bills, invoices, bill and invoice payments, sales receipts, transfers, among many other types of transactions, and reconstitute them in the target software. This means that all reports are also reproduced. If payroll and inventory are involved we do that too, but that does add considerably to the complexity.

Use the contact form, send us an email, or give us a call to talk about your conversion needs. We are happy to help.