“Brent and the team at Biz Books Cloud are incredibly knowledgable, reliable, and easy to work with in maintaining our company financial records in Xero. They’ve helped our small business make strategic decisions that have helped us grow- AND they are always on top of the week-to-week that helps us understand our financial positioning and reach our long-term goals.”–Caitlin Rogers, Productions Director, Next Day Animations

“I had issues in my QuickBooks for Windows file going back six years, with unbalanced clearing accounts, multiple problems with vendors as customers and incorrect transfers, and hundreds of extra or duplicated accounts, items, and classes. Brent corrected it all, cleaned it up, and set it all straight. And then he showed me how to do things right going forward. Now he looks over my shoulder every month to make sure I am doing things right and answering my questions. My accountant loves what he has done!” —Jennifer M., Bookkeeper, Consulting, training, and motivation business, St. Louis, Missouri

“Brent did a great job setting up my business. He learned a new software program that would work on my iPad as I requested. He set up a chart of accounts that was well thought out and provided me a detailed explanation on how to use the accounts. He was very responsive to my questions and ensured that I am well informed of any issues I asked him about.”–Rex C., Owner, Farming and livestock business, Layton, Utah

“I am very appreciative of the work that Brent did for me. He has helped me to feel more confident of the records and postings in my QuickBooks Pro for Windows. Also he has helped me numerous times in making sure that from now on I am posting unusual transactions correctly. I would recommend his services to anyone who is currently unsure or who is having trouble using QuickBooks. Ours is a unique business and does not conform to the usual business model. I don’t know if Brent has saved us a certain amount of money necessarily but I know for certain that he has saved me hours and hours (which is money) of time in getting my books more accurate than they have ever been.”–Joanne D., Bookkeeper, Consulting, training, and motivation business, Layton, Utah

“We are a small construction subcontractor. We needed to break into the government-funded jobs that require Davis-Bacon or certified payroll reporting, but we had no idea how go about it. We don’t have the resources to learn it and do it ourselves. They have now taken over our payroll and do it better than our previous provider and also do the Davis-Bacon reporting, all for less than we were paying before for payroll alone. What a difference it has made in the jobs we can bid and land.” —Allen R., owner, Construction business, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I found Brent to be a very knowledgable, patient, and effective teacher and bookkeeper. He walked me through AccountEdge in a way that is truly valuable beyond what can be quantified in dollars. Through Brent’s expertise and help, I have saved literally thousands of dollars in bookkeeping and tax preparation fees; in addition to escaping the nightmarish frustration in the preparation of my books and taxes. I will definitely turn to Brent at any time in the future I may need help. Many thanks to Brent Blackburn!” —David G., Owner, Oil and lubrication products sales business, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

“I was starting a new business and wasn’t sure how to set up the computers and the network for the several employees. I already had a Mac, to which I am committed and didn’t want to give up. But I also had already purchased several Windows computers and didn’t know how to network them properly and choose an accounting program that would allow them all to work together. They helped me choose the setup and software that would work for us and then got it all set up for us. It works great, and when there is a problem they are able to connect remotely and coach me through problems or fix them for me.”–Frank S., Owner, Consulting business, Chicago, Illinois

“I so appreciated Brent’s help with the set up of QuickBooks for Mac. He was so patient and available. Whenever I was in the middle of a process and didn’t know how to approach it, I could call and he would kindly talk me through it, giving me options to choose from when options were available. I also appreciated his knowledge of the Mac computer and the set up tips he gave me.”–Jeanne G., Bookkeeper, Consulting and marketing business, Ogden, Utah

“I met Brent through an online bookkeepers chatroom. He is an amazing asset to the group of bookkeepers with his computing technical expertise. He has become our go-to tech guy. His explanations and instructions are easy enough for the non-techie types to follow right along. He makes the complicated seem simple. ”–Elaine H., Owner, Accounting firm, Chester, Maryland